Joost Leeflang Appointed New COCIR President

Brussels – 22 April 2015 – At the COCIR General Assembly in Brussels today, COCIR President Kevin Haydon announced that he would stand down from COCIR Presidency at the end of April 2015.  Joost Leeflang has been elected as the new COCIR President and will represent Philips on the COCIR Board.  Mr Leeflang has been with Philips for 20 years, holding positions in the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia and as CEO in Central and Eastern Europe and was very recently appointed as Senior Vice President & Business Leader for Diagnostic Imaging.

Outgoing COCIR President Kevin Haydon thanked the COCIR membership and team for their excellent cooperation and work, saying “COCIR has successfully built a leading and united industry voice and is now recognised as an important industry stakeholder, sharing its competencies to build more sustainable healthcare system with access for safe, affordable healthcare for all European citizens.”

On being appointed as new COCIR President at the COCIR General Assembly today, Joost Leeflang said “I am happy to continue to capitalize on what COCIR has achieved. All COCIR industries have been working smartly together delivering highly innovative products and services. We are proud to have key global players based in Europe with important research and innovation investments that should be considered in EU policy making. Our industries have changed their business models providing integrated care approaches. They have successfully developed solutions critical to the transformation of our healthcare systems, to ensure these remain sustainable for generations to come.”

COCIR Secretary General Nicole Denjoy expressed her thanks to Kevin Haydon for his strategic drive towards more recognition of our key healthcare technologies, saying “Kevin Haydon used his business insights to steer COCIR and to help build our presence in Europe and beyond.  We wish him a well-earned retirement. I am looking forward to working with Joost Leeflang whose international business expertise will continue strengthening and guiding COCIR in the coming years.”

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