DITTA establishes Working Groups (WGs) where technical and subject matter experts from member associations and companies collaborate in important issues facing our industry. DITTA currently hosts 8 Working Groups to address a range of topics, including harmonization/convergence of medical device regulations, environmental policy, global health, and technical standards. These groups routinely and proactively engage and partner with key global organizations, decision makers, and the public to effectively communicate the perspective of industry. For more information about how you or your organization can become involved, contact the DITTA Secretariat.  

Our focus:

  • Advocate an industry-friendly regulatory environment accelerating access to market
  • Support the convergence of regulatory frameworks
  • Promote the use of international standards
  • Develop constructive dialogues with regulators and other key stakeholders
  • Cooperate with international sister trade associations on issues of common interest
  • Monitor trends in fast-developing markets such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and Korea