DITTA's Involvement in the 16th IMDRF meeting

The IMDRF-16 meeting was held from 16-19 September 2019 in Ekaterinburg, the Russian Federation.

IMDRF-16 Open Stakeholders Forum

IMDRF-16 Open Stakeholders Forum was held on September 17, 2019. More than 300 delegates from medical devices manufacturers industry, research institutions, federal executive authorities, federal state budgeted institutions, foreign regulatory authorities and international organizations will take part in the Open Forum.

DITTA presentation at the Open Stakeholders Forum here.

DITTA/IMDRF joint workshop
As part of the event, DITTA together with the IMDRF chair, organised a workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. The workshop addressed opportunities and regulatory challenges of AI. Speakers included industry, regulators and healthcare professionals.
The agenda for the workshop is available here .

Please find all DITTA Workshop presentations here.

Section 2: AI in Healthcare and regulatory developments (industry and healthcare professionals view)

Section   3:   AI   in   Healthcare   and   regulatory   developments:   possibility   and   challenges (regulatory view)

Section 4: Overview of AI standardization activities 

Section 5: Challenges for Healthcare Professionals and patients

Section 6: Regulatory challenges - what applies to AI?