COCIR Commences a 2-Year Chairmanship of DITTA

COCIR, the European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry, has commenced the 2-year tenure of Chairmanship for 2019 and 2020.

I am very excited to continue on leadership efforts from Patrick Hope, MITA Executive Director, who chaired DITTA in 2017 and 2018.  Patrick remains in the leadership as DITTA Vice Chair and also Kiyoshi Inaba, JIRA, Business Execution Director, remains DITTA Vice Chair.

I am deeply grateful to MITA for their 2-year Chairmanship and proud of DITTA great achievements during that time, as we continued to share our competencies on standardisation and cybersecurity and intensified our cooperation with WHO, the World Bank and IAEA.

We also continued to bring a global industry voice towards IMDRF; in 2018, we took part in the IMDRF meetings under the leadership of CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration) in Shanghai (March) and Beijing (September), and submitted an IMDRF Work Item on Cybersecurity wich was accepted and now co-led by USA and Canada.

DITTA Activities in 2019 will include more on digital health.


We are also planning to attend the WHO Executive Board 144th session which will take place in Geneva on 24 January–1 February.


Industry Leaders in our Membership in Global Health and Healthcare will also attend the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos on 22-25 January, which this year is focusing on: Globalization 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the Age  of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


At IMDRF level, considering it will be led in 2019 by Russian Authorities, the 15th edition of  IMDRF meetings will take place in Moscow from 18 to 21 March. A joint IMDRF/DITTA workshop will take place on 18 March on standardisation (detailed program will be shared soon). DITTA is committed to continuing its contribution to regulatory convergence at global level and will be well represented there.


Please stay with us and follow us as more to come soon.


Nicole Denjoy


January 2019