Dynamic 2019 continuing forward!

DITTA has been very active again since the beginning of this year!

In February, we launched our new DITTA White Paper on Cybersecurity continuing to share our competencies in this domain.

In March, an important delegation of DITTA senior representatives accompanied me to represent our industry at the 15 edition of  IMDRF meetings in Moscow from 18 to 20 March under the chairmanship of Russian Government.

We were very proud while being there to co-organize a IMDRF/DITTA joint workshop on 18 March on Optimizing Standards for Regulatory Use attended by more than 200 participants. Detailed program is available here and all presentations here.


I also presented DITTA views on IMDRF work during the IMDRF-15 Open Stakeholders Forum which was held on 19 March. The agenda is available here and the DITTA presentation during the afternoon Stakeholder Sessions is available here.

DITTA is also organizing a workshop in Hanoi on 18 April. The agenda is accessible Initiates file downloadhereInitiates file download. Good refurbishment Practice has been a well-known competency of DITTA and its global company members for more than a decade. This will be a great opportunity to establish communication on this important matter with Vietnamese government. MoH of Malaysian government will be present as well.

While moving into Easter we will continue our global outreach and will participate to the World Health Assembly and will further develop on our partnership with the Wold Bank on new financing models.

More news to come very seen – Keep connected!


Nicole Denjoy

April 2019