Dynamic Year continuing forward!

DITTA continues to be active on international matters!

In March, DITTA cooperated constructively with the IMDRF Chair and Secretariat and were very proud to offer a dedicated workshop on Standards which included both representation from Regulators and from Industry/DITTA. Detailed program is available here and all presentations here. Outcomes were very positive.

DITTA also organised a successful workshop in Hanoi in April. Good Refurbishment Practice (GRP) has been a well-known competency of DITTA and its global company members for more than a decade. It was a great opportunity to establish communication on this important matter with the Vietnamese government. Ministry of Health of the Malaysian government was present as well. Click Initiates file downloadhere to read more.


After a sunny summer break and this week in particular, IMDRF-16 under the leadership of Russian government is taking place in Ekaterinburg in Russia. We are very proud that again DITTA together with the IMDRF Chair, put a very good agenda for a workshop taking place today on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare. This is a very trendy topic catching a lot of interest from regulators and for which our DITTA membership can share their competencies as AI is not a myth but a reality! This time we agreed to include in addition to Regulators and Industry from DITTA other key stakeholders being healthcare professionals. Read more here on the programme and speakers. All presentations will be posted as well.

More news to come soon….

Nicole Denjoy


16 Sept. 2019