Best Practices for Sharing Cybersecurity Information

Tokyo, 22 June 2021 - DITTA announces today the release of its new White Paper on cybersecurity, “Best Practices for Sharing Cybersecurity Information”, a follow-up document to the previously released, “Best Practices in the Medical Technology Manufacturing Environment” (available here).

The paper identifies industry best practices and guidelines that medical technology manufacturers may consider when providing cybersecurity information to their customers. This information is meant to help customers effectively manage their cybersecurity expectations as they use the equipment within the context of their respective markets. The document also provides suggestions for how manufacturers can work with their customers to improve the customer’s level of cybersecurity through industry best practices and guidelines.

The document provides guidance on the types and levels of information that the manufacturers can provide to their customers to effectively manage their cybersecurity expectations. This document also addresses raising a customer’s level of cybersecurity by following seven fundamental principles:

a.    Segmenting networks,
b.    Understanding data types and flows,
c.    Monitoring devices and systems,
d.    User management,
e.    Hardening devices,
f.     Updating devices, and
g.    Providing a recovery plan/escalation process.

“We are proud to announce the release of this Paper, a truly international effort,” said DITTA Chair Masaaki Ohtsuka. “This Paper provides valuable insights and ideas that will help manufacturers provide the right information, at the right time, to reduce potential cybersecurity risk for themselves and their customers.”

The White Paper can be found here.