COCIR Celebrates International Day Of Radiology

BRUSSELS – 8 November 2013 – Today is the International Day of Radiology, celebrated worldwide by radiology associations, the medical imaging industry and medical practitioners.

COCIR is very supportive of celebrating radiology to demonstrate to a wider audience how innovative this technology is and to honour the millions of lives that have been saved using it.  The medical imaging sector is highly innovative with technologies to support the complete care cycle, delivering significant added value for prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.

Medical imaging is an essential tool in the treatment of non-communicable diseases and for the prevention of diseases like diabetes, pulmonary diseases, heart failure and cancer to name just a few.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, said, “It is important to celebrate this day as medical imaging has made an outstanding contribution to medical progress.  On the International Day of Radiology, COCIR is delighted to share our members’ dedication to continuing to innovate and develop lifesaving medical imaging and health ICT technologies in order to constantly improve the quality of life for citizens worldwide in line with maximum safety objectives.”

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