COCIR Code of Conduct signed in Argentina

BRUSSELS – 16 December 2013 – COCIR company members GE, Philips, Siemens and also Griensu S.A. signed the first COCIR Code of Conduct in Latin America on 10 December 2013 at the CADIEM Chamber of Medical Equipment Manufactures, Importers and Distributors in Argentina.

Mr César A. Díaz, Head of Siemens Healthcare in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay signed on behalf of Siemens, Mr Angel Mario Amadio, President, signed on behalf of GE Healthcare Argentina S.A., Mr Carlos E. Alvarez López, Director Philips Healthcare signed on behalf of Philips Argentina S.A., and Mr Angel E. Machado, CEO, signed on behalf of Griensu S.A.  

Initially launched in 2009, the COCIR Code of Conduct has steadily developed in both scope and geography.  The expansion of the COCIR Code of Conduct is particularly important to COCIR members since they are global companies seeking compliance and harmonisation in international markets.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General said, “Following the success of the COCIR Code of Conduct in Europe, we have been working consistently for a number of years to extend its geographical reach, particularly to the BRIC countries.  Countries across the world are showing a strong interest in adopting our Code and we are delighted to see the first Latin American adoption of the COCIR Code of Conduct in Argentina.”

COCIR represents the European Medical Imaging, Electromedical and Healthcare ICT Industry.

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