COCIR Launches New Code Of Conduct On 50th Anniversary

To demonstrate its commitment towards healthcare professionals, COCIR has published its new Code of Conduct to coincide with its 50th anniversary celebrations. The Code of Conduct, which sets the standards for member companies in their interactions with customers, is built around four main principles -separation, transparency, proportionality and documentation – and will significantly reinforce guidelines issued in 1996.

For the first time in the industry a pan European Code of Conduct will be enforced through a central tool which will have a monitoring function among COCIR members. Notifications of breaches of the Code will be centralised through the COCIR Office and will be allocated to the relevant COCIR member company. A monitoring committee composed of corporate members’ legal counsels will ensure the smooth functioning of the process.

The Code of Conduct has the full weight of COCIR member companies and their CEOs behind it. The main objective of this code is to become the reference to enhance corporate responsibility for all COCIR members. It will apply to companies’ activities throughout Europe and will also guide them in their behaviour beyond Europe’s borders. The Code of Conduct also has the full support of COCIR’s national trade association members.

“We expect the highest standards of our member companies in their interactions with customers. We are proud to launch the COCIR Code of Conduct which makes this commitment public, with a monitoring process to help ensure enforcement. For an industry which has a long history of quality of products and services, the COCIR Code of Conduct is set to become the code of reference for the healthcare industry globally”, said COCIR Secretary General Nicole Denjoy.

The Code of Conduct will be fully enforced by 1 October, after a period of training of corporate members’ sales forces, agents and suppliers.

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