COCIR Releases 4th Annual Ecodesign Report

BRUSSELS – 15 July 2013 – Today, COCIR publishes its 4th annual Opens external link in new windowSelf-Regulatory Initiative (SRI) Status Report on the ecodesign of medical imaging equipment, providing detailed analysis of 2013 energy-saving results.

According to the SRI-matured methodology and the requirements of the European Ecodesign Directive (ErP), COCIR companies set common ecodesign goals, continuing to improve the clinical value of such technologies.

Initiated in 2008, this COCIR project aims to reduce the environmental impact of medical imaging devices, especially energy consumption.  In the past few years, methodologies and standards have been developed and applied to imaging modalities - ultrasound in 2010, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in 2011 and computed tomography (CT) in 2012.  The 2013 focus is on x-ray and Ultrasound (US) in-depth analysis.  Through proper use of the Off and Low Power modes on x-ray devices, energy savings between 50% and 64% can be achieved.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, said, “Around 19% of hospital energy consumption of hospitals is due to medical technology use. Setting common industry criteria on energy consumption is going to help healthcare providers use medical technology in hospitals more efficiently, which will lower overall energy consumption”.  She added, “In 2012, COCIR developed the Computed Tomography Good Environmental Practice.  Given the publication’s success, we decided to develop similar guidelines for other modalities.  We remain convinced that this will lead to further energy savings at a hospital level and contribute to environmental protection and healthcare sustainability in Europe”.

The SRI documentation and the SRI 2013 Status Report are freely available for download on the COCIR website.

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