COCIR Strengthens Healthcare IT Membership



25 October, 2006


COCIR Strengthens Healthcare IT Membership


COCIR welcomes the arrival of four new members, the influential IT companies Intel, IBM, iSOFT and Quovadx.  By broadening the membership to include these companies, COCIR is further strengthening its capability as the voice of the healthcare IT industry.  We are delighted to welcome these new members and look forward to working with them. 


Intel is a technology innovator and has been driving a fundamental shift towards end-user centred platforms.  The Digital Health Group at Intel works with the IT industry and healthcare industry on computing and communications solutions to connect people and information.  Intel joins COCIR as a Corporate Member.


IBM provides solutions to optimise data access, storage and management as well as integrating emerging research with clinical medicine.  In addition to the many healthcare IT applications, IBM also offers advisory consulting services to help healthcare providers speed their way to eHealth.


iSOFT is <st1:place w:st="on">Europe</st1:place>’s largest company dedicated to the healthcare IT sector used by more than 8,000 organisations in 27 countries.  The company also has a strong presence in the Asia Pacific region.  iSOFT provides advanced software applications for healthcare. 


Quovadx through its Integration Solutions division offers solutions to improve processes and leverage existing technology systems as well as community-wide data sharing and regional healthcare information organisation (RHI)) solutions.



*COCIR represents the radiology, electromedical and healthcare IT Industry in <st1:place w:st="on">Europe</st1:place>.



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