COCIR Supports Further Innovation and Adoption in Care Coordination and Telehealth

BRUSSELS – 17 September 2014 – Last week, COCIR organised an event at The International Digital Health and Care Congress in London. Breakfast workshop Opens external link in new windowGetting Care Coordination and TeleHealth to scale: going from individual projects to routine practice’ saw attendees discuss how to deliver quality care to chronically ill patients, reduce the economic burden of chronic care and improve the population’s health outcomes. The key challenge is for telehealth to scale up beyond pilot projects and become routine practice.

At the event, Professor Stanton Newman, Dean of the School of Health Sciences at City University London, shared his experience and in particular was explaining that the Whole System Demonstrator showed a mortality reduction of 44% and that evidence on self-management programs showed a reduction of 20% in mortality. Professor Newman said “If we are able to combine the two propositions the potential of the interventions could be impressive.  The introduction of TeleHealth into care pathways needs to be considered with behavior change to achieve a sustainable model to improve patient care.”

Opportunity was taken during this breakfast to list all initiatives taken by the European Commission in the field of telemedicine, showing their engagement to support the scaling up of deployments at regional level through EU funded projects such as Telescope, Momentum and United for Health. Interim results for another EU project funded by the European Commission, Advancing Care Coordination and Telehealth Deployment (ACT Programme) were presented. This project is bringing together a consortium of 5 regions and industries led by Philips. The main goal of this ACT Programme is a toolkit of proven good practices based on real day to day life and aims at facilitating the large-scale deployment of Care Coordination and Telehealth in European regions.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General said ‘What is important in telehealth is not only the technology aspect but also how to change organizational processes to adapt to new care pathways and integrate telehealth as a component of the care coordination proposition.”

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