DITTA is participating at World Health Assembly this week (18-26 May 2015)

A DITTA Delegation, led by Nicole Denjoy, DITTA Vice-Chair, will participate this week at World health Assembly for the 1st time.
DITTA published a statement linked to item 13.4 on NCDs. Click here to access.
The official establishment of DITTA created one place for medical technology associations and companies around the globe to come together to discuss and promote efforts that will improve access to the life-saving technologies. DITTA is focused on working with WHO to achieve the Member States health objectives which include, communicable and non-communicable diseases, maternal, child and newborn health, health system strengthening, Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals.  Innovation in diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy and health ICT not only improves quality of life, but also increases better access to healthcare (reducing inequalities), reduces medical errors and enhances cost efficiency. The successful development and advancement of innovative medical technologies in the global marketplace promises to make available more innovative, life-saving technologies for countless patients around the world and to this end; DITTA wants to work in partnership with WHO and all stakeholders to achieve advancements and improvements in health for all. We believe early diagnosis may prevent the progression of Non Communicable Diseases and improve patient prognosis. Additionally; we believe radiotherapy is a clinically relevant and cost effective treatment modality playing a key role in an integrated cancer therapy program. Furthermore, investing in the whole care pathway from prevention to early diagnosis and effective treatment will achieve a return on output and save lives. Medical technologies are essential in the delivery of any healthcare system.