DITTA Welcomes Korea Medical Devices Industrial Cooperative Association as a New Member

BRUSSELS – The Global Diagnostic Imaging, Healthcare IT & Radiation Therapy Trade Association (DITTA) is delighted to announce its newest member, the Korea Medical Devices Industrial Cooperative Association (KMDICA). KMDICA joins COCIR (Europe), JIRA (Japan), MEDEC (Canada), MITA (United States), THAIMED (Thailand), IMEDA (Russia), CAMDI (China) and ABIMED (Brazil). Founded in 1979, KMDICA was established in order to support companies who supply medical devices, domestically and internationally. It has 360 member companies and works with its members to help contribute to the progress of the medical device industry to improve the health of the general public. Ahn Byung Chul, the KMDICA General Manager said, “We are looking forward to working with DITTA and to contributing to the global dialogue on medical devices.” Nicole Denjoy, DITTA Chair said, “We are very pleased to have KMDICA as part of DITTA, reaching now a total of 9 members, a steadily increasing number of members. I strongly believe the addition of Korea to our membership will contribute in continuing to build a trusted global industry voice.” For more information on DITTA, visit the website ### DITTA is the global voice for diagnostic imaging, radiation therapy, healthcare IT, electromedical and radiopharmaceutical manufacturers to better communicate, coordinate and collaborate on matters of common interest between participating associations and member companies. DITTA enables participating associations and their member companies to work more effectively with international policymakers, organizations, professional associations and stakeholders.