IHE Press Release: Adding dental exams to health records provides complete patient profile for caregivers

26 April 2011 -- Including radiology images and radiation dose exposure reports from dental visits to a patient's health record provides caregivers with a more complete picture before deciding on a course of treatment.

But dental offices today are not capable of sharing records with each other, and are not capable of adding data compatible with electronic health records, according to Gregg Zeller, D.D.S. and M.S., Senior Director of the Research & Laboratories Division of the American Dental Association (ADA) during a presentation at the IHE-Europe Connectathon.

The creation of a new IHE Dental Domain, sponsored by the ADA, is expected to change this situation rapidly with two new IHE Integration Profiles ready for testing at the European Connectathon as early as April, 2013.

National standards developed by ADA are used by manufacturers, research institutions and are often adopted as international standards or used by regulatory agencies in evaluating products for clearance to market to the dental profession or consumers.

The kick-off meeting for the IHE Dental Domain took place in February, 2011 and the joint Technical and Planning Committees are currently deciding on the first two IHE Integration Profiles to be developed.

These new protocols for creating interoperability in dental records will benefit from IHE profiles already established for other medical practices, Zeller said.

Yet the workflow for activities such as scheduling or order entry, and issues surrounding the secure exchange of patient data, are unique to dental practice and require the creation of a new IHE domain.

Two-thirds of dentists are independent practitioners in stand-alone centers that do not typically communicate with other centers and use closed information systems with proprietary data standards.

"Bringing interoperability to the Dental domain will prove to be as complex as the work IHE has undertaken bringing interoperability to the hospital domain," said Zeller.

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