IHE Press Release: Newest IHE domain connects endoscopes to electronic patient records

6 April 2011 -- The success of open development methods pioneered by IHE face a new challenge in connecting medical records from endoscopic examinations to a patient's electronic health record.

Even if it is complex, the first hurdle is a familiar one, the lack of integration of endoscopy systems into their IT environment. For more than 10 years IHE has successfully broken down barriers to interoperability in radiology systems, and more recently with laboratory reporting or the disparate healthcare systems developed among 23 European Union countries.

The second barrier is less familiar for software engineers, bringing images created using the visible light sources of endoscopes into records that typically handle radiology images using more exotic imaging sources such as X-rays, magnetic resonance and ultrasound.

"Images from cameras with visible eye sensors are new objects for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standards and require new transfer formats," explained Emmanuel Cordonnier from software developer Etiam, who presented the new IHE Domain for Endoscopy at the 11th annual European Connectathon held in Pisa April 11 to 15, 2011.

A unique workflow in endoscopic procedures will also require a redefinition of specific IHE documentations based on existing ones. "As an example, diagnosis is the end product of the radiology workflow but it is the first step after ordering the procedure in endoscopy as the surgeon is examining in real time using real images right away to create a report," said Cordonnier.

More significantly, he said, is that an image is not required as a result of the process for clinical purposes. Only the report from the surgeon matters for patient care in most cases.

To tackle these problems, IHE will integrate new standards being developed for visible light by DICOM Working Group 13.

New protocols also benefit from a well-advanced technical framework drafted by the sponsor of the Endoscopy domain, the Japanese Association of Healthcare Information Systems (JAHIS).

The IHE International Board officially recognized the Endoscopy Domain in December, 2010. The IHE Endoscopy Planning and Technical Committee is a joint committee that oversees all of the domain's activities.

Cordonnier said he expects the final draft for the Technical Framework to be ready in 2013.

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