Rreplacing Medical Imaging Equipment in Europe: Time is Running Out

VIENNA – 2 March 2016 – Replacing Europe’s Medical Imaging Equipment is essential and long overdue, says COCIR, the trade association for Europe’s medical imaging, health ICT and electromedical industries. COCIR is presenting its evidence in a Opens external link in new windowposter launched at the second EuroSafe Imaging Session at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR). The poster is designed to raise awareness of the prolonged delay in innovative medical imaging technologies reaching healthcare professionals and patients.

Each year, technological advances in engineering and processing provide incremental gains in medical imaging. On occasions, a major breakthrough such as low-dose CT revolutionises image capture and quality while exposing the patient to a much reduced radiation dose. However, healthcare professionals and patients can only benefit if these advances are swiftly adopted into clinical practice.

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General, said; “A quarter of the European CT installed base cannot be upgraded with the most important dose-saving technology advances, CT Dose Modulation and CT Reiterative reconstruction algorithm technologies. This is equivalent to approximately 2,500 units in Western Europe and 500 in Eastern Europe, which can now be considered inadequate from a radiation safety perspective. They should be replaced as a matter of urgency”.

Nicole Denjoy added; “Working closely with clinicians, COCIR members are continuously improving the new medical technologies that play a critical role in driving access to healthcare, increasing efficiency, improving productivity and progressing patient safety. However, Healthcare providers must also play their role in advancing safety. They need to adopt a more patient-centric approach to dose reduction and dose optimisation when replacing ageing and outdated equipment”.

COCIR has closely monitored the ageing of medical imaging equipment since 1996. It already raised the alarm in Opens external link in new window2014 over the findings that in many countries the installed base is older than it has ever been.


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