Smart Investment Essential For Sustainable Healthcare

COCIR’s latest Age Profile report, released today, concludes that sufficient new investment in healthcare is still not being made in Europe.  This edition of the ‘COCIR Age Profile 2009: Diagnostic Medical Imaging Devices: The Continued Need for Sustained Investment’ covers a much larger geographic scope than the 2003 report, including some Central and Eastern European countries, Russia and Turkey and analyses the existing equipment base, broken down by type of device.

Prevention is one of the key approaches to addressing today’s major healthcare challenges and the medical devices produced by COCIR members play an important role in any prevention policy.  The positive impact of CT, MRI, PET-Nuclear Medicine and Angiography in early diagnosis of serious health conditions and the resulting improvement in the quality of care for European citizens is proven.  But the COCIR Age Profile finds that no type of equipment fulfils the Golden Rules, which remain unchanged since the last report.  These rules present a solid guide for establishing an equipment base capable of meeting the health needs of our society now and in the future.  The COCIR Golden Rules are:

• At least 60 percent of the installed equipment base should be younger than five years
• Not more than 30 percent should be between six and ten years old
• Not more than 10 percent of the age profile should be older than ten years

Nicole Denjoy, COCIR Secretary General said “At a time where making the right investments to create a sustainable healthcare system is critical, we believe the COCIR Age Profile will help guide policymakers and medical professionals to making smart choices to boost healthcare infrastructure in Europe, while maintaining acceptable overall costs in this economic climate”.

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